Student Testimonials


My decision to attend the Elite Academy of Hair Design was the best decision I’ve made thus far in my 22 years of life.  From the outstanding team of instructors to my awesome fellow students, this school is above and beyond. It is over flowing with positive energy as soon as you walk through those golden front doors.  When I started here I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know of anyone else going to school here, and didn’t know any of the instructors. Now it’s to the point I can’t see my future in cosmetology without them. Having an instructing staff that is this passionate in what they do is something I’ve never seen before and is definitely something that will inspire me forever.

-        Katie Blazer


Cosmetology was something I always wanted to do after I graduated high school but the question was, which school would I attend? I did a tour at one school and didn’t feel inspired so I looked into a new school my mom had heard about.  Choosing the Elite Academy of Hair Design was such a great decision.  I have learned so much from the most passionate team of instructors.  Everyone involved with the Elite Academy has been so supportive of me and has encouraged me to do the best at everything and they have taught me to not sweat the small stuff and to always stay positive.  One of the most important things that I will take with me after I graduate besides my education is life-long, amazing friends. I really couldn’t ask for a better school to jump start my cosmetology career.

-        Bre Lappert


I can’t express enough how much I enjoy attending the Elite Academy of Hair Design. The atmosphere is super positive and getting up in the morning is more exiting then it has ever been for me. In high school you can’t freely express yourself without being judged. I walk into the doors here sometimes in a bad mood and it is like it completely goes away. Every instructor wants you to succeed. No question is a stupid question. I’m extremely blessed to be here and my choices for my career are going to be endless. The opportunities I will get from graduating from the Elite Academy will be crazy. I am very blessed.

-        Sarah Dierkes


When I first started to think about going to cosmetology school I looked at three different schools. One school was in Morgantown, WV, one in Pittsburgh PA, and one in Wheeling, WV. I didn’t really feel at home when I had the chance to tour those three schools. Then, one day I was in my car and heard a radio ad for the Elite Academy of Hair Design. Most places when you call to make an appointment they kind of make it quick and the best time for them. When I called the Elite Academy they answered right away and they were extremely nice. When I scheduled my appointment everyone was sweet and nice! The environment was welcoming and had an “at home feeling”. The space was gorgeous. The owner of the school took her personal time to talk to me and make me feel comfortable with my decision.  I’m glad I chose this school. I love going to school every day to see all the girls and learn. My teachers actually care about me as well. It’s pretty much like we are one big family and we love and care about each other.

-        Catie Blackwell


I am so happy to be a part of this school. I love all the teachers and students here. I actually love coming to school every day now. I was going to go to the cosmetology school in Morgantown, but after I toured at the Elite Academy of Hair Design and got to meet Gayle, I knew this was the school for me. I love the positive vibes I get from this school and I’m very happy that I decided to come here. I love learning something new every day. This makes me excited for the future holds for me and my professional cosmetology career.

-        Emily Martin 


As a transfer student, I didn’t really know what to expect. I was transferring to a new school where I didn’t know anyone, and they didn’t know me. I am honestly 110% happy I made the decision to transfer here. Everyone welcomed me with open arms, the current students are great. I’m so happy to say we all get along and they are very close to me now. My instructors, Gayle, Kelsey, Billie Jo, and Karen are absolutely amazing. I’ve never encountered four people more invested in what they do. They actually want you to succeed in what you do. They have all taught me more than I could have imagined in the four weeks that I’ve attended the Elite Academy. I am very grateful to be a part of this school and couldn’t picture myself finishing anywhere else.

-        Ronni Burns


I started at the Elite Academy of Hair Design in March of 2015. I was so nervous when I started because I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve learned more here than I would have ever thought. They encourage us to do our best and be professional with everything we do.  The instructors here are my role models and inspiration through this experience in cosmetology school.  I love the girls I go to school with. We all have become so close. I became closer to these girls quicker than I expected. The environment is an amazing one to be in. Gayle wants nothing but the best for each every student that comes through the doors of the Elite Academy of Hair Design.

-        Brandi Reitter


I am so blessed to be a student here at the Elite Academy of Hair Design.  I honestly couldn’t imagine going to cosmetology school anywhere else. All the instructors genuinely want the best for each and every student here and knowing that is very comforting.  Waking up every morning isn’t always easy with two kids under the age of 10 going to school but knowing that if there is a day I’m running late with things at home or whatever the case may be, everyone at the Elite understands me and helps with any situation.  I am extremely lucky. I know once I am ready to leave here with everything I have been taught, I will be a confident, professional, trustworthy cosmetologist.

-        Megan Hall 

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